Antireflective patented coating Viewrise® suitable for 3D complex shaped pieces

The range of antireflective coatings named VIEWRISE® is the technologic breakthrough so long expected by many mass markets. This patented monolayer coating is the result of a continuous period of research and development. Until then, dealing with stray light reflections generated by optical systems required antireflective solution made by the deposition of thin multilayers using vacuum coating process.

The VIEWRISE® revolution belongs to the dip coating process involved. The high yields of this type of process make the antireflective technology possible to mass markets such as automotive lighting, road lighting, sport and large area lighting. Beyond its economic interest, such technology also allows to process complex geometries of parts that were impossible to achieve by vacuum process.

The product range VIEWRISE® is suitable for any type of optical system made of polycarbonate, methacrylate, glass or sapphire and decreases the loss by reflection on wavelength in the field of 300 nm until 900 nm.

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