POLYRISE : partner of RELIANCE project

The RELIANCE project, financed by “Horizon Europe”, bringing 15 partners for 4 years, aims to develop innovative self-disinfecting antimicrobial surfaces based on organic and inorganic biobased nanocoatings that combine the bacterial repellent action provided by the chemistry and physics of the nanocoatings, with the antibacterial action provided by the incorporated additives to coatings.

These novel nanocoatings will be validated as alternatives to conventional antimicrobial coatings in three high added value and demanding industrial applications : automotive interior parts, high touching home appliances and protective textiles. 

As a partner of RELIANCE, POLYRISE is responsible for the development and application of new innovative sol-gel coatings that will bring anti-microbial functionality to metal or plastic surfaces. Anti-microbial functionality will be based on repellency and hydrophobic design of sol-gel coatings and embedding of anti-microbial additives and nanoparticles developed by RELIANCE other partners. A strong innovation of the coatings developed by POLYRISE will be the sustainable feature of targeted coatings that will be based on non-fluorine composition.

POLYRISE will as well carry out application on samples by wet chemical techniques such as dip coating or spray coating to show industrial feasibility. Research & Innovation Team, Prototyping and Sales Team are involved in the RELIANCE project.

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