Consequences of excessive artificial lighting are not limited to the deprivation of observation of the starry sky. It is also a source of disturbance for biodiversity, due to the modification of the prey-predator system and the disruptions of reproductive cycles and migration routes; plus, it represents a considerable waste of energy.

In order to limit light pollution, a French decree imposes upon municipalities and public areas a limit on the Upward Light Ratio (ULR), as the expression of the quantity of light spread above the horizon, to less than 1% of the total luminaire flux. In order to meet this obligation yet retain the luminaire’s style, manufacturers must find a way to reduce the light reflected by the 3D shaped protective cover.

Well-designed lighting fixtures naturally spread 2% to 3% of the light into the sky because of reflected light. VIEWRISE® antireflective coating contributes greatly to reducing this amount of undesired light and reaching the limit of 1%.

The unique wet antireflective coating can be applied on any geometric shape and form factor.