A unique wet antireflective coating for optical plastics and glasses

The antireflective coating technology VIEWRISE® is the breakthrough so long anticipated by many mass markets. Antireflective coating is a layer designed to manage an optical element’s incoming and outgoing light.

When light passes through any lens or window, around 5% is reflected back on each surface. The amount of reflection depends on the refractive index of the optical element and the air. VIEWRISE® is a monolayer whose refractive index is between that of the air and the optical element, which interferes with the reflected light waves and reduces their strength.

The VIEWRISE® revolution uses wet chemistry and a dip-coating process.

VIEWRISE® patented antireflective coating is the result of a continuous period of research and development to produce a stable and robust solution. Until now, dealing with stray light reflections generated by optical elements required antireflective functionality through the application of thin multilayers using a vacuum-coating process.

The high production capacity of this process makes the antireflective technology possible for mass markets such as automotive lighting, outdoor lighting, and any kind of optical system.

Beyond its disruptive competitiveness, VIEWRISE® offers the ability to process geometrically complex parts that are impossible to coat by the vacuum process. VIEWRISE® is suitable for any type of optical system made of polycarbonate, methacrylate, glass, or sapphire, and it decreases the loss by reflection on the visible spectrum up to near infra-red.

VIEWRISE® applications