Innovation and Synergy : The SAMES-POLYRISE partnership redefines the application of VIEWRISE® anti-reflective coating

In the industrial landscape, collaboration between companies can often lead to major technological breakthroughs. A striking example of this synergy is the partnership between SAMES, an EXEL Industries subsidiary specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment for the application of paints, adhesives and sealants, and POLYRISE, a pioneer in sol-gel technology in the field of thin-film materials. 

This collaboration has resulted in a major innovation: the spray deposition of the VIEWRISE® anti-reflective coating for the automotive industry, particularly for LIDAR applications, a technology crucial to the development of autonomous vehicles.


A marriage of expertise: When spraying meets Sol-Gel

The genesis of this partnership lies in complementary technologies and a shared vision. On one side, SAMES, with its recognized expertise in the design of electrostatic spraying equipment for high-volume industrial applications. On the other, POLYRISE, whose expertise in the development of anti-reflective coatings using sol-gel chemistry opens up new horizons in terms of surface and optical functionalities. 

The meeting of these two worlds was catalyzed by POLYRISE’s need to explore alternative application methods for its coatings, beyond conventional dipping, and to target specific applications on surfaces of various sizes and shapes. At the same time, SAMES’ interest in this partnership stems from a desire to innovate beyond its existing solutions, to understand new chemical applications and to develop new fields of application. The research and development carried out by POLYRISE in new chemistries, such as the VIEWRISE® anti-reflective range, naturally captivated SAMES. It saw an opportunity to expand its expertise in thin, even ultra-thin layers, extend the possibilities of its equipment, and meet the new challenges of the automotive industry, which increasingly integrates optical devices.

The collaboration between the two companies, initiated in 2012, has led to a strategic partnership over the past three years with the aim of overcoming a technical challenge: to apply the VIEWRISE® anti-reflective coating quickly, efficiently, and uniformly on various surfaces, including small and 3D surfaces, a critical requirement for the automotive industry driven by design challenges and the need for integration of optical systems.


Electrostatic spray technology: A revolution in VIEWRISE® application

The technological core of this partnership lies in POLYRISE’s adoption of SAMES’ electrostatic rotating bowl technology. This cutting-edge method allows the sol-gel coating to be sprayed in the form of extremely fine droplets, ensuring a homogeneous and precise application of very thin layers (0.1 to 0.3 microns) with superior optical properties. This precision is crucial to achieving the desired optical properties, especially for LIDAR applications, where a homogeneous and high-quality anti-reflective layer is essential. In the case of LIDAR systems, VIEWRISE® anti-reflective coating increases detection distance and reduces ghosting wich penalizes the information provided by the sensor.

Furthermore, the challenge of thin-film application is an area where SAMES also excels through other diversification projects.

The benefits of this approach include a high transfer rate, reduced product wastage and increased processing speed, major assets for industrial production and the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments in which both partners are engaged.


From innovation to industrialization: Patent and future prospects

For POLYRISE, one of the major milestones of this collaboration was the filing of a patent at the end of 2023 for the application of VIEWRISE® anti-reflective coating using electrostatic spraying technology. 

This patent is not only a recognition of the technological innovation resulting from this collaboration but also a springboard towards the industrialization and commercialization of this solution. 

By targeting the automotive market, SAMES and POLYRISE are positioning themselves not only as suppliers of advanced technologies but also as strategic partners in the evolution of autonomous and connected vehicles and the integration of complex optical systems.


Towards an integrated offer: The turnkey solution

The ultimate aim of this partnership goes beyond technological development, to provide customers with a complete, integrated offering. This turnkey approach, combining POLYRISE’s chemistry with SAMES’ equipment, aims to simplify the integration process for manufacturers, by providing them with an optimized VIEWRISE® solution tailored to the specifications of each automotive project.

This integrated offer represents significant added value, allowing customers to benefit from combined expertise and technology compatible with the needs of various optical device integration strategies, such as LIDARs.


Conclusion: A model partnership for industrial innovation

The partnership between SAMES and POLYRISE illustrates the transformative impact of collaboration between specialist companies.By combining their unique know-how, these two players have not only developed an innovative technological solution to specific industrial needs, but have also paved the way for new market opportunities, particularly in the changing automotive sector.

This strategic alliance demonstrates that collaborative innovation is a powerful lever for the development of advanced industrial solutions, marking an important milestone in the evolution of coating application technologies and opening promising prospects for the future of the automotive industry and beyond.

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