In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of off-the-shelf coatings, POLYRISE provides solutions for many custom developments where coatings are required for photonic applications.

The R&D team offers its experience in wet chemistry of inorganic sol-gels, hybrid materials, nanocomposites and nano-structuring to design surface coatings to meet a range of requirements such as anti-reflective, anti-static, easy to clean, anti-scratch, anti-soiling, etc. Each coating is developed in accordance with the constraints of the environment in which it will be used, such as UV irradiation, high humidity, significant temperature variations, chemical exposure, mechanical aggression, etc. The coatings are designed with low to high refractive index materials, their thickness varying from 10nm to 10µm to work in the UV, visible or SWIR wavelength ranges.

In addition to wet chemistry design, the R&D team has extensive knowledge of application processes such as dipping, spraying, spinning and flowing.

With support from its network of partners, POLYRISE accompanies its customers throughout the development process, from the prototyping of new functions to their industrialization to serve mass markets.