POLYRISE to speak at DVN Munich Workshop on 28 February 2024

At a time when the importance of anti-reflective coatings in enhancing the operation of advanced technologies in contemporary cars is undeniable – contributing to safety, reliability and comfort, while facilitating the transition to more autonomous and interconnected driving – Vincent Gaud, our CTO and co-founder, will be speaking to shed light on the progress Polyrise has made in the lighting industry thanks to our innovative VIEWRISE® technology.

In a few words, VIEWRISE® technology is distinguished by : 

  • Superior optical properties and remarkable resistance for lenses, whether polymer or glass,
  • A performance-oriented design, ensuring reliability even in widely varying temperature conditions,
  • A flexible yet robust solution, optimized for medium to large production volumes,
  • Adaptability to the most complex geometric designs.

If you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late : DVN Munich Workshop

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