Front lighting is experiencing a revolution, not only in styling innovations that differentiate with brand-specific shapes, but also with higher performing light distribution for a safer drive. With Adaptive Driving Beam’s glare-free, high-resolution image projection optical system,  headlight technology is achieving the most significant innovations in automotive lighting in decades.

Front lighting is getting smaller and smaller while providing light only where needed but also beaming high-definition images to communicate with the driver and his environment.

This is only possible with the addition of multi-optical elements in the headlight, leading to many Fresnel losses.
VIEWRISE® antireflective coating applied to each lens of a headlight greatly reduces the stray light that superimposes on the main light beam thus helping the lighting device comply with ECE European regulations.
In the meantime, the Light Output Ratio increases, which generates electrical power savings and contributes to the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, for a healthier environment

VIEWRISE® is technically designed to withstand wide temperature variations in order to meet the severe conditions a vehicle experiences