HARDRISE®is a range of hard coatings designed to protect and enhance any kind of plastic substrate.

The use of plastics in the design and manufacturing of optical elements, whether lenses or protective glass, is becoming increasingly popular. This type of material offers a solution to the demand for lightweight optical systems while reducing the carbon footprint of their production and use. Although they offer many advantages, these polymer materials are often fragile, especially when subjected to mechanical, chemical or photo-oxidizing stresses.  The HARDRISE® portfolio offers comprehensive solutions to protect and enhance the performance of optical elements in order to limit signs of ageing, protect them from scratches, and make their surface water and oil repellent.

As each application is unique, we customize our existing HARDRISE® solutions according to our customers’ specifications.

They can be applied using a dipping, spraying, spin or flow coating process and can be cured in an oven or by UV radiation.

HARDRISE®  applications